About me

My name Kathy Bryce, and I work as the full-time digital marketing entrepreneur. I am from Spain, and recently I have moved to USA. My areas of expertise are blogging, affiliate marketing and content marketing, etc. I am also a fitness freak. I love to stay fit and maintain good health.

A few years back, I got involved in the world of online earning. At first, I was shocked to see that people could earn a significant income from running useful blogs. Of course, at that time, a little part of me was aware of this niche market. Most people thought that idea of online working is nothing but a waste of time & energy. But I saw potential in this market. And I proudly say I have grown with this industry!

I run several blogs and websites. For me, the success was not overnight. After writing 1000+ blog posts and failing with hundreds of blogs, I was able to achieve my goal. After all this hard work, one significant thing happen. I had to write for different niches and websites. This way, my writing skills touched new level of expertise. I didn’t notice that I was able to write about every niche. By this time, I was pretty familiar with SEO and digital marketing techniques. So, it was easy to setup a new website with a strong foundation and engaging content!

Although, I have developed and created so many websites, Cubaentransicion is very close to me, and I have started it to bring value back to the community. Every day, I get hundreds of emails asking about how I keep myself fit. In this blog, my prime goal is to show you how things are working for me.

So let’s get started. Head on to Cubaentransicion.com and start interacting.