7 Exercises To Ease Lower Back Pain

ease lower back pain

Here are some excellent exercises you can do to ease lower pack pain. The work life of today does not involve field exercises. Instead, it is all about sitting and slogging. This gives rise to lower back pain which 50% of the working individuals are facing. Adding some exercises to your everyday regime will definitely help reduce the pain.

ease lower back pain

Straightened Stretch To Ease Lower Back Pain

This is an excellent exercise to ease lower back pain. Lie on your back and slowly bring your right leg up. Then try to straighten your leg as much as you can and hold it tight a little away from your body. Hold for 2-3 minutes. Repeat this with your other leg.

Both Knees Folded Hip Twist To Ease Lower Back Pain

To start this exercise pose, first keep your hands outstretched. Now slowly fold both your knees up to your stomach. You will feel a stretch on your lower back. Now slowly twist your hip to the right side with your legs folded. Exhale as you let your knees touch the floor. Do this twist on both sides.

Half Folded Stretch To Ease Lower Back Pain

Start this pose by folding any one of your knees slightly above your hips. Now lift the other knee and twist it inside the previously folded knee. Hold this half fold with your hands to let your lower back stretch.

Stretch Legs Up The Wall To Ease Lower Back Pain

This is probably the best and easiest way to get rid of the lower back pain. Lie straight on your back near a wall and slowly start stretching both your legs up the wall. Stretch as much as you can and hold for 3 minutes. Keep repeating for 5 times.

Upper Body Sit-Ups To Ease Lower Back Pain

This pose is also known as the “sphinx”. Lie on your stomach straight and then slowly raise the upper part of your body keeping your lower part firmly on the exercise mat. Hold the pose for 2-3 minutes to stretch your lower back and then repeat the steps again.

Partial Crunches To Ease Lower Back Pain

To perform this exercise you can use an exercise ball. Lie on your back and start doing your crunches. But instead of completing them, just do them halfway till you feel your lower back stretch. Keep repeating.

Raise Arm And Reach Your Toes To Ease Lower Back Pain

Sit straight to start this exercise. Now raise your arms over your head and slowly try to move them down and touch your toes. Do this while keeping your body straight and you will feel your lower back stretch and ease slowly.

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